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BOF67: April 2021


The sixty-seventh meeting of the Bridge Owners' Forum was held on 20th April 2021.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, this meeting was held online.


[PDF]  BOF67 Agenda
Richard Fish (PDF File 167KB)

Minutes and Actions

[PDF]  BOF67 Minutes v2
Richard Fish (PDF File 298KB)
[PDF]  BOF67 Actions v3
Richard Fish (PDF File 57KB)


[PDF]  Managing Infrastructure Carbon in The Environment Agency
Neil Guthrie (PDF File 1.46MB)

(See also: https://youtu.be/_Rx4rnzrk1Y)

[PDF]  Gross Replacement Carbon footprint (GRCf) Toolkit
Nick Trump (PDF File 2.05MB)
[PDF]  Rochester Bridge Trust - Carbon Reduction Plan
Sue Threader (PDF File 2.02MB)


[PDF]  BOF66 Action Updates
Richard Fish (PDF File 190KB)
[PDF]  Sustainable Development Goals
United Nations (PDF File 282KB)