Research Directory

One of the goals of BridgeForum is to reduce duplication of effort by informing bridge owners, consultants and researchers of existing research.

The intent of this directory is to provide a convenient way of disseminating information on current and past bridge research projects to as wide an audience as possible.

Available Information

HA Contractor Reports

We have library data for 2665 Highways Agency reports written between 1938 and 2002.

Note: We do not have any of the reports themselves, and neither Campbell Middleton nor the Highways Agency make any guarantee as to the correctness, usefulness, or fitness for purpose of any of the data.

Bridge Collapse Database

Details of Bridge Collapses around the world.

Bridge Research listed by topic

We are in the process of putting together a directory of Bridge Research.

Note: As yet, this directory is far from complete, and is merely here to give an indication of the sort of facility that we would like to make available.

Other Information

TRL (formerly the Transport Research Laboratory) has an archive of research reports relating to bridges:

TRL main website
Bridge research

The Highways Agency Research Compendium, formerly at, has been replaced by the Highways Agency Knowledge Compendium:

Highways Agency main website
Highways Agency Knowledge Compendium