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Highways Agency Reports

By Publisher

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A.N. Schofield and Associates
Accent Marketing and Research
Acer Consultants Limited (3)
Acer Freeman Fox
Acer Scotland (2)
Admiral Computing Limited
AEA Technology (9)
Alastair Dick and Associates (2)
Allott and Lomax (5)
Allott and Lomax Consulting Engineers (8)
AMEC Group Limited (2)
Applied Environmental Research Centre Limited and Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick
Arch. Hydrobiol
Arup Acoustics
Arup Research and Development (5)
Ashdown Environmental Limited (5)
Aspinwall and Company (2)
Asset International
Association of Consulting Engineers
Aston Material Services Limited
Atelier One


Babtie Engineering Laboratories
Babtie Group (7)
Balfour Beatty and Company Limited
Balfour Beatty Power Construction (3)
Birmingham Aston Technical Management and Planning Services Limited
Bolton Institute
Bolton Institute of Higher Education (4)
Brian Colquhoun and Partners (7)
British Cement Association (4)
British Steel Corporation, General Steels Division
British Steel Corporation, Sheffield Laboratories (3)
British Steel Corporation, Swinden Laboratories
Brown and Root (2)
Building Research Establishment (5)
Building Research Station (4)
Bullen and Partners (2)
Bullen Consultants (7)
Burks Green and Partners (7)


Cambridge Consultants Limited
Cambridgeshire County Council
Cass Hayward and Partners (9)
Cement and Concrete Association
Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (3)
Chris Blandford Associates (3)
Chris Britton Consultancy
Clash Associates
Cleveland County Council (5)
Colin Buchanan and Partners
Colquhoun Transportation Planning (8)
Construction Industry Research and Information Association (79)
Construction Materials Testing Limited
Council of European Communities
Council of the European Community
County Council of the West Riding of Yorkshire
County Surveyors' Society
CSRconsult ApS
CSS Bridges Group
CTA Services
Cumbria County Council


Deeside Applied Geology (3)
Defence Evaluation and Research Agency
Defence Research Agency
Delft Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology
Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Department of Civil Engineering, City University
Department of the Environment (3)
Department of the Environment and the Welsh Office (2)
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions
Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions, National Assembly for Wales
Department of Trade and Industry (2)
Department of Transport (5)
Devonport Management Limited (2)
Dr Sukhen Chatterjee Limited
Dr. G. Sauer Company Limited


Edmund Hambly Limited (7)
Elsevier Science Limited (2)
Elsevier Science Publishers B. V.
English Nature
Environment Agency (21)
Environmental Resources Limited
ERA Technology Limited (8)
European Commission (2)
European Economic Community
European Environmental Press Publication


Faulks Perry Culley and Rech (2)
Fife Regional Council
Flint and Neill Partnership (37)
Frank Graham (3)
Frank Graham and Partners (2)
Frank Graham Consulting Engineers (10)
Fugro Limited (2)


G. Maunsell and Partners
Gifford (22)
Gifford and Partners (6)
Glasgow Babtie Shaw and Morton (3)
Grip Tester Users Group


H R Wallingford (11)
Halcrow (25)
Halcrow Fox and Associates (3)
Halliburton (3)
Hampshire County Council
Health and Safety Commission
Health and Safety Executive (2)
Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution
Her Majesty's Stationary Office (2)
High-Point Rendel
Highways Agency (7)
Howard Humphreys (22)
Humphries Rowell Associates (3)
Husband and Company (10)


Imperial College (28)
Imray Laurie Norie and Wilson
Institute of Road Construction and Maintenance (2)
Institute of Terrestrial Ecology
Institute of Water Engineers (2)
Institution of Highways and Transportation
Institution of Water and Environmental Management (4)
International Association on Water Quality


J P Kenny and Partners Limited
Jackson Environment Institute
Jamieson and Mackay (7)
Jamieson Mackay
Jenkins and Potter
JMP Consultants (7)
John Wiley and Sons Limited


King's College London (4)


Laing (9)
Lake District National Park
Lancashire County Council (7)
Land Use Consultants
London City University, Department of Civil Engineering
London Research Centre (2)
London, Imperial College
Loughborough University of Technology


Mander (4)
Martin and Voorhees Associates (11)
Materials Engineering Research Laboratory Limited (3)
Maunsell (53)
Menzies, J.B. (3)
Middlesex University
Ministere de l'Equipement, des Transports et du Logement
Ministery of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (2)
Mott MacDonald (37)
Mouchel (11)
Mouchel International Consultants
MRM Partnership (5)
MVA Consultancy (8)


National Maritme Museum
National NDT Centre (2)
National Physical Laboratory
National Rivers Authority (12)
National Rivers Authorty
National Water Research Institute
Natonal Rivers Authority
Natural Environmental Research Council
Nature Conservancy Council
North Yorkshire County Council


Omnia Constructions Limited
Opinion Leader Research Limited
Oscar Faber (6)
Ove Arup and Partners (13)
Owen Williams (33)
Owen Williams Consultants
Owen Williams Consulting Engineers


PA Commputers and Telecommunications
PA Consulting Group (4)
Page J.
Paint Research Association (5)
Parkman (2)
Parry Tucker Knowles
Parsons Brinckerhoff (4)
Pavement Engineering Group
PB Infrastructure Limited (4)
PB Kennedy (2)
Pell Frischmann Consulting
Peter Linsell and Associates
Polytechnic of Central London (2)
Polytechnic South West
Probe Technical Services (4)
Proc. Instn. Civ. Engrs. Wat. Marit. and Energy
Progettare per l'ambiente


Queen's University of Belfast


Reinforced Earth
Rendel Palmer and Tritton Limited (18)
Richard Robinson
Robert Benaim and Associates (2)
Ross Silcock Partnership (2)
Royal Military College of Science (3)
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Royal Society of Chemistry


Sandberg Consulting (7)
Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick (22)
Scottish Environment Protection Agency
Scottish Office (2)
Simon Engineering Laboratories (5)
Sir Alexander Gibb and Partners (2)
Sir Bruce White
Sir Owen Williams and Partners (3)
Site Services (13)
South Yorkshire County Council (2)
SPEL Products
Staffordshire County Council (2)
Staffordshire Engineering Consultants
STATS Limited (8)
Steel Construction Institute (10)
Steffen, Robertson and Kirsten (3)
Stirling Maynard and Partners (7)
Structural Survey Partnership
Surveyor (3)
Surveyor Magazine
Swedish National Road Administration
Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute
SWK Pavement Engineering Limited (7)
Symonds Travers Morgan (11)


Taunton South Western Road Construction Unit
Taylor Woodrow (4)
Taywood Engineering (7)
Technotrade (11)
Thames Polytechnic
Thames Water
The Design Consultancy (3)
The Science of the Total Environment
The Welding Institute (97)
Thorburn Colquhoun (43)
TMS Consultancy (3)
Traditional Planning Associates
Transport and Road Research Laboratory (169)
Transport Research Department
Transport Research Group (2)
Transport Research Laboratory (1016)
Transportation Planning Associates (5)
Travers Morgan and Partners (12)
Tucker Parry Knowles Partnership (2)


U.S. Department of Transport
U.S. Department of Transport: Federal Highway Administration
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (3)
Universitat Karlsruhe
University College Cardiff (15)
University of Birmingham (2)
University of Birmingham School of Civil Engineering (7)
University of Birmingham School of Engineering
University of Bradford
University of Bristol Department of Civil Engineering (5)
University of Cambridge (6)
University of Cambridge Department of Engineering (8)
University of Dundee (4)
University of Edinburgh (4)
University of Edinburgh Department of Civil Engineering (2)
University of Ghent
University of Leeds
University of Leeds Department of Civil Engineering
University of London
University of London Department of Civil Engineering
University of London Department of Engineering
University of Michigan (2)
University of Newcastle upon Tyne (2)
University of Nottingham (7)
University of Portsmouth (2)
University of Reading (4)
University of Sheffield (4)
University of Southampton (2)
University of Sterling
University of Strathclyde (2)
University of Surrey
University of Texas
University of Warwick (10)
University of Westminster (7)


Vagverket (3)


W.A. Fairhurst and Partners (5)
Ward Ashcroft and Parkman
WDM Limited (32)
West Midlands County Council (3)
West Yorkshire Metropolitan County Council
Wimpey Laboratories Limited (4)
Wiss Janney Eistner Associates
Wootton Jeffreys (6)
WS Atkins (4)
WS Atkins - Midlands (2)
WS Atkins and Partners (7)
WS Atkins Consultants Limited (38)
WS Atkins Environment (2)
WS Atkins in association with Humphries Rowell Associates
WS Atkins Planning Limited
WS Atkins Science and Technology (4)
WS Atkins Transportation Engineering (31)
WSP Civils
WSP Graham Limited (2)


Young Associates Environmental Consultants (3)

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