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Shelfmark HA Room 114-117, Heron House, Bedford. A15
Author Ellis J B Prof.
Title The management and control of urban runoff quality
Publisher Institution of Water and Environmental Management, 1989
Physical Description 8p., charts
Series SSR Water Library, Urban Roads A15

Abstract: Water quality problems from impermeable urban surface runoff are presenting increasingly significant effects at both the short-term, acute, and longer term, chronic, timescale. The paper identifies the anachronism in, and the diversity of, historical organisation responsibilities for urban runoff as being a principal mitigating factor in limiting satisfactory, cost-effective, catchment control. It is recommended that effective source control procedures for stormwater runoff control must form the basis for best practical options for achieving integrated pollution control in urban catchments.

Keywords Source Control
Stormwater Quality
Urban Runoff

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